A Place To Begin

Greetings Reader!

Welcome to my first blog post. Thank you for joining me. I suppose I should begin with an introduction of sorts to let you know what you may find here and what has led me to create a blog.  First off, bear with me as far as appearances. I have recently moved into this space and as you can see  I have much sprucing up to do!

For the past several years I have enjoyed the online anonymity of running the Ministry of Artistic Intent and her website.  Those unfamiliar with the MAI can stumble upon the website and not know who formed it. And that’s the way I like it. The arts organization is a collective. It’s for all of us, not about one person.

This blog is to create a separate space for my personal musings and creative endeavors.  I am a poet, an artist and a musician. I suspect this page will grow as I grow in each of these arts. I write with slight trepidation as my art is quite personal to me and a private space. And alas, here I am typing away in a public forum.  The walls of privacy are being torn down! And I am holding the controls on the bulldozer!

Why, then, if I feel awkward and nervous about a blog am I doing this, you ask? Well, I joined a thing. And here I am! Lamplighter Magazine is running the Artist Writer Mashup Project. I loved the idea and jumped on board.  Upon joining we were asked to blog about the process and experience.  The MAI website has a blog. Initially, I was going to go with this. Then, decided against it.  The project requires weekly writing and process sharing.  The MAI page is not appropriate to be clogged up with my self-discovery in forming a poem.  Hence, a separate space was called for. Hence, my confessing to you that this is all quite odd to me.  Enough of my confessing! Let’s get this party started.

To begin I will be posting twice a week about the Artist Writer Mashup. Slowly, I will add musings on art, writing, music and whatever else catches my eye.

For more information on Lamplighter Magazine check out these pages:



For more information on the Ministry of Artistic Intent check out these pages:



Thanks for stopping by.




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