Questions Week 2 Answered Week 4/ 2015 Artist Writer Mash Up


How much have you written in the first week?

In the first week I did not write much other than blog posts for the project. I found the set of questions helpful in entering the artwork. At this point those answers have informed or rooted themselves into the piece that is developing.

How do you feel about it, positive or negative?

The first week I was not concerned about having a draft. I wanted to order the print in order to have it in front of me to work from rather than a print out or my computer screen. I wanted the art on my wall before I started writing. So, I held off from really beginning the piece.

As far as what I have written so far, I feel ok about it. There is still work to do. I have a solid draft. But, I don’t think I have found the poem yet within those lines. I have to take myself to task on revision. I am hoping to do this tomorrow.

I don’t generally feel positive or negative about my work. Instead, I feel done or undone. So, I would say I feel “undone”.

Do you have a set goal in mind or could all your plans change tomorrow?


I wouldn’t say I have a “set goal.” I want to write a genuine and decent piece of poetry from the artwork. These are my expectations of myself.   The work on the poem could change tomorrow. I could find another thread that is the poem tomorrow. In fact, I hope I do.


What’s the most difficult part for you?


As far as the project, I have fallen behind in blogs. I’d rather spend more time on the poem than writing about the poem or process. I do gain insight from some of the questions but when I am working on answering the questions I think I’d rather be writing a poem!   At one point worrying about getting the blogs done became more of a priority than writing the piece. I turned my blog mind off and let myself off the hook for that portion of the project. Then got into my poetry head.


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