I’m currently a candidate in Drew University’s MFA in Poetry program.  For the past few months I have been toiling away at my manuscript.   I’ve decided to remain in the program an extra semester to continue to bang away on my poems.  If you are interested in getting your MFA I recommended looking into Drew’s program. I am a changed woman since beginning. And I am quite grateful to never be the same.  Leave a comment if you want to talk about the program.


I’ve recently begun sending poems out into the world. But, not too far from home. For starters I wanted to keep my poems in local publications. This way if my poems felt lost and alone in the world they could take a bus back home.   Two of my poems can be found in This Broken Shore. This is a Jersey based publication that produces a fine magazine.

Here is the issue my work can be found in:


I’ll place one of  the poems here. To see the other one you are going to have to get your hands on This Broken Shore!

Picking Daisies

I cup her from the canvas

Slip my fingers between

Graying clouds, toward fibers

Of white knit sweater. My lifeline

Angled along her spine. My thumb

Wedged under her left arm

Pointer finger under her right. She grasps

A picked bouquet.

Still the girl’s gaze is fixed on the daisy.

I pluck the splinter from her palm,

Hold her like the daisy in her hand.

I carry her to a nearby field. The wind moves

Clouds stream a steady fixed direction

Of east. The destination of rainfall

The girl in the field, holding a daisy

Listens in obedience to the wind

A crow hang-glides. Grass flaps,

Shivers slacken at the stem

Whispers of tornado

I mark the stroke that placed

The girl in this wilderness,

Her jeans grass stained.

Cheeks flush

Coolest color of the canvas

Hair tangled in knots, splitting

At the ends. I motion to leave

Offer to make a sandwich, some

Soup, a cup of tea

But the girl in the field stills,

Staring at the daisy.

Other local magazines to check out that have printed my work or will be printing my work are The Idiom Magazine, The Monmouth Review, and soon-to-be Lamplighter Magazine.




For the past year I hosted a poetry workshop and open mic via the Ministry of Artistic Intent.  The MAI will be moving forward with new projects. And I will begin with my own poetry workshops. So, check back in for more information on how you can sign up.  In the meantime if you have questions about this leave me a comment.  You can also email me at chelsea.palermo@hotmail.com     I’m available to host a workshop for your group, school, or organization.


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